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When companies think about efficiency, one of the places they should start with is the area where their products enter and exit their buildings, their docks. Often, docks are an after-thought in the design process, but an efficient dock design can save time and money. Let our dock designers help you with the right products to retrofit your dock or work with your architect to design your dock right from the start.

Start with a safe dock design. Safety products from truck and wheel restraints, to impact barriers and safety lighting will keep your employees and your equipment safe.

When it comes to loading and unloading, we have the best dock levelers in the industry. Whether your system needs a hydraulic leveler, a mechanical leveler, air powered, or a specialty leveler, we have the right one to meet your need. Have a unique need? Let us help you design the right leveler to meet that need.

Connecticut’s varying weather patterns can be hard on products. The summer heat and extreme cold in the winter require seals to keep the products safe from the weather. Our seals can keep your climate controlled products at the right temperature no matter what the weather is outside. With a number of options in seals, we have the right seal to fit your needs. Don’t need a seal, but want to make sure that the rain or snow doesn’t get in? Our shelters might be the right option.

Looking for ways to go green and save money? Our energy saving products like LED lights, fans, and conversion kits can do exactly that, help save you money.

Finally, every dock or warehouse needs to be secured. Whether you need a high speed door, a simple roll up door, or a specialty door, Lavallee Overhead Doors has the right door to secure your entrances.

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